AI researchers at Google’s DeepMind, working with colleagues on the University of British Columbia, have introduced the development of Genie, an AI-backed application capable of turning a single picture into a playable 2D virtual … Researchers in Sweden unveiled a brand new idea for producing hydrogen power more efficiently, splitting water into oxygen and hydrogen with out the harmful threat of blending Technology News the 2 gases. OpenAI’s groundbreaking Sora, which generates video from textual content prompts, could provide never-before immersive experiences when combined with virtual reality – however could also boost misinformation and erode trust. The 17.3-inch prototype device also has a transparent base that doubles as a virtual keyboard and a drawing tablet.

  • Bridging the gap between consultancy, academe and journalism, it focuses on analysis and analysis to bring a deep layer of perception to your display.
  • Adding a layer of tiny crystals may make photo voltaic panels more environment friendly.
  • Doctors and nurses at a premier Chicago children’s hospital can again entry patients’ electronic medical data, more than a month after a cyberattack compelled Lurie Children’s Hospital to take its networks offline.
  • With these funds running out in September 2024, faculties are trying to determine their greatest use of technology as they face the prospect of diminishing resources.
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